Our Story

Two Hazel & Axe Bottles


To be a desirable force in the wine industry and rise to the top. This philosophy requires a well-advised blend of hard work, tenacity and desire. A clear priority on doing what you love equates to a well-lived life. We first launched our winery with Napa Valley Cabernet and Chardonnay grown in their individual places and with Hazel & Axe, we scour California for the best sites to create accessible wines that our Grandma Hazel would be proud to offer her friends and family.

Hazel represents the rock in all our families. The glue that held everything together. She had a saying, "wield the axe," which, to her, meant to use your inner power to always be moving forward in life. The foundation Hazel instilled in her entire world lives on today. You'll find it in every bottle of our wine.


To "wield the axe" is to command a symphony of raw might, where each swing is a thunderous note in the ballad of conquest. As the blade cleaves through the air, it leaves a wake of resonance, a declaration that you are the arbiter of change. The axe becomes an extension of your will, a tool through which your intentions manifest in every rhythmic motion. To “wield the axe” you must love yourself and own your story in order to write your future story. Here’s to moving forward and conquering your world. It’s yours!